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Unprecedented Pressure.

A Golden Opportunity.


Local emergency managers are in a unique position to reduce community risk.

The ongoing response to COVID-19, together with an increasing threat from climate change and more frequent natural disasters, are among the many burdens on the time and resources of federal, state and local governments.

These challenges and opportunities come at a time when state and local staff are forced to operate at reduced capacity. The ability to pursue grant funding, identify hazard mitigation options, or even engage with the wider community of stakeholders competes with the immediacy of an ongoing and increasing spectrum of health, safety and environmental hazards.


When it comes to funding, federal grant matching requirements and associated rules, processes and timelines are often unclear. It is no surprise many emergency managers will not engage.

Have the right people and process

Town Street

Our solution is unique and based on the experience of team member Ryan Miller. When disastrous flash floods struck Ellicott City, Maryland in 2016, Miller was the local director of emergency management.


With catastrophic damage and a complex recovery, he needed diverse guidance and a fresh perspective. Miller reached out to the other professionals who now make up our team. Aside from Miller who brings the local emergency manager perspective, our lean and agile team is comprised of former FEMA senior leadership, as well as experts in risk communication, public engagement, hazard mitigation, and grant funding.


We know emergency managers need extra firepower to leverage the opportunities available at this time. Our team, product, and process are designed to help you expedite and advance priority projects in your community.

A Three-Part Process 


While our team researches funding opportunities and current activities underway around your jurisdiction, you will send us existing plans and documents that help us understand your community and your risk reduction priorities. We will hold a 90-minute virtual meeting with you and your team to ensure we have a good handle on your priorities.


You bring your team back to the table and we share via another 90-minute virtual meeting how the various funding opportunities and collaborative opportunities could help you advance your priority projects. We connect the dots between your goals and possible resources; and then provide you with strategic options to move forward.


You and your local partners are going to have lots of questions. Our team, through a third 90-minute virtual meeting, will provide guidance and expert strategic advice. Clients often want help prioritizing projects, identifying the best projects for the lowest costs, and creative solutions for reducing or eliminating your local match requirements. We address these needs.


We “productized” our service to to get you the help you need

We know that the procurement of professional services can be a lengthy process with an uncertain outcome. Our “productized service” is meant to eliminate these barriers and get you the help you need right now. These services are provided at a modest professional services fee.



Our service is a flat fee and is delivered over a period of one to three months. Our team is also ready to engage and support clients with specialized needs.


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