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Our staff has authored a library of emergency management, homeland security, and other related books, guidance documents, papers, and reports. 

Introduction to Emergency Management, 6th Edition
Introduction to Homeland Security, 5th Edition
Homeland Security: The Essentials
Communicating Emergency Preparedness
Forecast: Storm Warnings
Preparing for More Severe Hurricanes Due to Global Warming
Gripped by Fear: Public Risk (Mis)Perception and the Washington, DC Sniper
Guidance Note on Recovery:
Guidance Note on Recovery:
Guidance Note on Recovery:
Private Sector
Assessing the Financial Impacts of the World Trade Center Attacks on Publicly Held Corporations
Role of Regional Organizations in Disaster Recovery Planning
The Unique Needs of Children in Emergencies
Living with Climate Change
Introduction to International Disaster Management, 3rd Ed.
Disaster Communications in a Changing Media World
Managing Children in Disasters
Global Warming, Natural Hazards, and Emergency Management
Child Care: An Essential Service for Disaster Recovery
Guidance Note on Recovery:
Guidance Note on Recovery:
The Importance of International Disaster Management Studies in the Field of Emergency Management
Integrating Disaster Risk Management into Critical Facilities Emergency Management
Investigating the Political Implications of Disasters Requiring International Assistance
The North Carolina Shore and its Barrier Islands
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