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Bullock & Haddow LLC offers a broad range of emergency management consulting services.  We tailor our assistance to meet your unique needs, whether they require highly-specialized subject matter expertise, full program management, and everything in between. 


Bullock & Haddow principals, partners, and associates include some of the foremost pioneers in the field.  Unlike other firms, we offer you our most capable and experienced staff throughout all project phases



Bullock & Haddow can assist you in your planning needs, including emergency operations plans, hazard mitigation plans, pre- and post-disaster recovery plans, and more.  Our staff has been instrumental in the development of the National Disaster Recovery Framework, the US Catastrophic Disaster Planning Program, as well as a range of plans at the local and regional levels.




We are leaders in emergency management training and education, and we can design any training program to meet your needs and requirements .  Our staff have designed and developed courses for the FEMA Emergency Management Institute, the DHS National Disaster Preparedness Center, the George Washington University, Duke University, and the Loma Linda University. among others.  Our academic and professional texts are currently in use at over 200 universities worldwide.  And we have provided personalized training for organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors. 



Bullock & Haddow staff can help to guide your organization through the process of building lasting partnerships with key emergency management stakeholders. We are ready to support your collaborative needs as you identify and establish your network.  In many of our projects this is simplay one component of the larger effort, but these partnerships are what enable your organization to communicate effectively with and listen to the community and with counterparts.  We don't just make it happen - we can instute effective processes that expand your reach, give your organization and your program necessary support, and give a voice to the community. 



The decisions and actions of government and the media have a strong influence on all aspects of emergency management.  We understand how important it is to get your message out, and we know how to make communication happen.  Bullock & Haddow staff have provided government and media affairs for some of the most influential organizations, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US Department of Justice, the Corporation for National and Community Service, and many others.  We are prepared to help you engage with government and media institutions to advance your ideas, drive effective policy, and advocate for stakeholders’ needs.  



Bullock & Haddow can manage your hazard and risk management needs, whether to inform the planning process or to identify strategic goals.  Our team developed the FEMA Hazards Risk Management course featured at the Emergency Management Institute, and have helped dozens of countries and communities in their hazard and risk management efforts.  



For over three decades, Bullock & Haddow founders Jane Bullock and George Haddow have helped to lead the development of emergency management policy at all government levels.  We believe in making resilience a national priority and drove the creation of several groundbreaking programs including the National Flood Insurance Program, the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program, and Project Impact.  We continue to participate in the movement towards global resilience by supporting the ongoing Post-2015 Disaster Risk Reduction Framework from various points of vantage.  We are prepared to help your community, country, or region in your endeavors to improve upon or to create anew, through advocacy and development, emergency management, Climate Change Adaptation, and DRR policies that work. 



Bullock & Haddow staff can take your program from concept to operations.  Our team members have designed and developed some of the most successful emergency management programs, including the World Bank Quick Response Team, Save the Children's US Emergency Response program, Project Impact, and others.



Bullock & Haddow fosters individual, organizational, and community disaster preparedness through training, education, and programming.  We can help you design and implement a preparedness campaign, or simply design materials, that address the unique hazards, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of any target at-risk audience.  Some of our more high-profile projects include the design and co-implementation of the Hartford, CT regional disaster preparedness campaign Get Ready Capitol Region and the design and implementation of the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum (WA) Council of Governments business disaster preparedness campaign.  We have authored the only comprehensive professional text on designing and implementing a disaster preparedness campaign, and developed the FEMA Emergency Management Institute course on the topic.   



Bullock & Haddow has helped many clients to better understand their projects and programs, their success, and their lessons learned.  Our assessment process is tailored to the needs of your organization or institution, and might include self-assessment, interviews, focus group meetings, desk review, site visits, surveys, and other options.  Most recently, Bullock & Haddow assisted the Government of Japan in assessing the overall progress of recovery following the Great East Japan Earthquake.  We continue to work with the United Nations as the 2005-2015 Hyogo Framework for Action period of performance draws to a close to identify accomplishments and to target outstanding needs for the next decade to follow.



Bullock & Haddow staff are experts in project management.  As Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff (respectively), firm principals Jane Bullock and George Haddow helped lead the US Federal Emergency Management Agency from 1995-2001 - an era when the agency enjoyed some of its greatest successes.  And since that time we have only expanded this role, having helped stakeholders from throughout the emergency management community to build and run their programs.  Our clients have included the Margaret A. Cargill Foundation, Save the Children, the World Bank, the US Chamber of Commerce, and many others. 



Exercise design and facilitation is often the only effective way to test and validate plans and programs outside of actual incident response.  Our staff will help you to design and deliver exercises that provide meaningful, actionable outcomes, and help you to raise staff awareness and calibrate plans and programs.  We have helped governmental and nongovernmental organizations with their exercise needs, including Clay, Madison, and Mitchell Counties in North Carolina, the FEMA Recovery Directorate and Emergency Management Institute, the US Corporation for National and Community Service, the World Bank, and others.



We can help your business or organization to become resilient by facilitating or driving your business continuity planning process.  We will help you to identify your hazards, measure your risk, understand your vulnerabilities, and map your business processes.  Bullock and Haddow has driven business continuity planning from the highest to the most local levels.  Our clients have included DRR International, Marriott International, the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, the City of Newland, NC, and others.


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